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A very common and popular search term in the UK (United Kingdom) is the term Short Term Loans UK.

Even in the sophisticated world that we live in, and the complexity of search engines such as Google, it is still often necessary to tell Google which country you wish your search to be undertaken in, hence the “UK” on “Short Term Loans UK”.

This may at first appear as a failing of Google. Surely they can tell which country we are located in and therefore default to that country for searches? Well, in many, if not most cases Google gets it right and knows which country you are located in, but in fairness to Google it is difficult as ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) may be located anywhere in the world and the servers that the website you are searching for could be located in the USA, Australia, France anywhere. So from Google’s side it can see you searching for Short Term Loans UK and can see that your ISP is located in Belgium and it can see that there are a lot of companies that match that search based in the USA, so it decides to give you sites written in English with endings in .com and and so you get both English companies and American companies.

A simple way of resolving the issue of getting websites from the relevant country is to insert UK at the end of the search term. This should mean that the websites that Google presents to you are all based in the country you are searching. You would have thought that in this day and age that Google would be able to determine what country we want results from, but I guess that they are not quite as sophisticated as we are led to believe.

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