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A short term loan is a specific way in which a small sum of money can be borrowed.

Ideally these loans are meant to be used in times when a cost arises which was not planned for. This could mean anything from a vet bill to a broken washing machine; the point being that the cost in question was not one which realistically you could have seen coming. These are the sorts of costs that hopefully will occur on a one-off basis and therefore can be handled as such. A short term loan can be useful for such costs but the loan amounts on offer are actually relatively small, especially when comparing them to more ‘mainstream’ forms of credit such as a traditional loan supplied by your bank. As such a short term loan is often a form of borrowing which consumers consider when a small sum of emergency money is needed. Where instead a consumer is looking, for example to improve their home, it is very unlikely that a short term loan lender will be able to provide the right or suitable type of funding.

A short term loan can be applied for online via a short and straight forward application process.

Typically speaking the application process is often broken down into 2 or 3 key sections designed to collect a range of information. This information is almost certainly likely to be your personal information such as name, address and employment details as well as some other key information. Of course this therefore means your banking information too. As well as this information a short term loan application form is likely to ask you to supply your budget in terms of your normal incoming and typical monthly outgoings. Generally speaking the application will take little longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. The great news is that the vast majority of lenders will allow you to select a repayment term from a number of options before the application is fully completed; meaning you have all the relevant information upfront.

A short term loan lender will aim to deliver the decision on your application in a manner which is timely and therefore will endeavour to assess the application in an effective manner and this means using a combination of both automated and manual checks. The lender will therefore review all of the information supplied in the application and also cross-reference this to information which can be verified electronically and reviewed manually; such as a number of Credit Reference Agency files. This is why when supplying the information in the application it is important to ensure it is accurate and honest, allowing the lender to reach their decision in a timely manner. In instances where a short term loan is approved by a potential lender, it is likely the funds will be transferred to the supplied bank account the same working day and providing your bank accepts faster payment, this can mean in some cases the funds are there in a matter of hours.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk